Strain, Movement & Environmental Monitoring

Strain, Movement & Environmental Monitoring Options Include:
If Movement: Rotation, Tilt, Vibration

rotation, tilt, vibration

Where Strain: on metals and concrete

on metals and concrete

When Weather: Temperature, Wind

temperature, wind

Severity Cameras: Video, Still, and Infrared

video, still and infrared

In order to meet the diverse needs of many industries and customers, we offer an extensive range of sensors and systems to record the movement and loading conditions on structures. MISTRAS can either design and build a custom monitoring system to provide a specific solution to a specific customer need, or respond to a predefined monitoring specification with one of our many prefabricated solutions.

MISTRAS monitoring options include:

  • Movement
  • Rotation
  • Tilt
  • Vibrations
  • Strain (metals and concrete)
  • Temperature (ambient air and material)
  • Weather
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Cameras (video and still, inc IR)
  • Load and vehicle speeds

We have specific expertise in:

  • Remote monitoring (including the provision of remote communications and power)
  • Long and short term monitoring
  • Dynamic and static load testing
  • High speed sampling
  • Multichannel monitoring (1,000's of independent channels if required)
  • Intrinsically safe and IP rated instrumentation
  • Automated total stations
  • Multi-sensor integration
  • Intelligent data collection and processing
  • Web based reporting

We provide a full design service and experienced installation teams (including IRATA, confined space, offshore certified). Once installed, we provide full remote system management, reporting, long term support and maintenance.