Advanced NDT

Non Destructive Testing

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MISTRAS has an exceptionally wide range of advanced NDT solutions, which means the appropriate tool for the job can always be used. Whilst RT (radiography) remains the mainstay for inspection for new welds and MISTRAS uses both film and CR for this, the use of radiography replacement ultrasonic inspection is increasing. A major benefit of RT replacement AUT (automated ultrasonic testing, usually combined TOFD/PA) is that production work may continue whilst the inspection is taking place because there is no radiation present. The MISTRAS Ultraview AUT inspection provides a picture like RT but can be viewed from three orthogonal directions, so that it is clear where repairs need to be made. The MISTRAS “Ultraview” procedure conforms to ASME standards, and a MISTRAS TOFD/PA RT replacement procedure conforms to EN standards. MISTRAS tubing inspection services offer five techniques, so that the appropriate method may be used for the particular tubes, including fin-fan and “twisted” tubes.

MISTRAS is the world leader in AE (Acoustic Emission) technology and offers both testing services and continuous monitoring systems and support. Testing of both new and in-service equipment including pressure vessels conforms to the appropriate standards, and more than 10,000 storage tanks have had their tank floor condition evaluated using TankPAC™ whilst still containing the normal contents, an essential prioritization and maintenance planning tool that allows inspection and maintenance to be focussed where it's needed, and avoid the immense cost of opening and cleaning tanks for inspections that are not required.