PCMS® (Plant Condition Management Software)

PCMS® Software

PCMS (Plant Condition Management Software) is central to efficient and effective plant inspection and integrity management. PCMS manages the inspection of all static plant, i.e. pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipework, valves, ensuring compliance with the relevant codes and standards. PCMS communicates with the site maintenance management software (e.g. SAP) to get item data and more importantly to ensure the loop is closed between inspection and maintenance actions. PCMS started life in the early 80’s as a piping corrosion management system, and has developed as a result of user input at its annual convention since then to become the most complete system of its type on the market today.

PCMS is modular, allowing customers to build up the system over time, or to use only the modules of most importance to them. PCMS manages TML data (thickness measurement location, can be downloaded from “route based” UT sets), visual inspection data, NDT data and reports, and links these to the plant item, drawings, photographs, maintenance history, and RBI (Risk Based Inspection) analysis. PCMS can be linked to any RBI analysis, however by far the most efficient method of running RBI is to use the PCMS internal RBI calculator module, which recalculates risk whenever data on an item changes, such as new inspection data, or operating parameter data. PCMS RBI will assess the effectiveness of a proposed inspection on risk in accordance with API codes and the equipment data, for example if the item is stainless steel and the risk is stress corrosion cracking then no credit will be given for thickness checks. PCMS is used by the USA’s largest refiners, and is steadily increasing its user base at the expense of its competitors every year. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of what PCMS can do to improve your plant efficiency and safety.