MISTRAS Receives GWO Certification for Training Facility in the United Kingdom

UNITED KINGDOM - February, 2015 - MISTRAS Group Limited (MGL) has recently been certified as a Global Wind Organisation (GWO) approved trainer, allowing the division to provide regulated GWO and rope access approved training courses to the wind energy segment.

The GWO Certification is the standard for basic wind energy safety training. Each GWO training course is specifically designed for implementation at certified facilities, allowing trained personnel to teach and instruct wind energy technicians in areas of first aid, working at heights, fall arrest, harness training, rescue training, fire awareness, and manual handling.

Since MISTRAS received the certification, their dedicated rope access and GWO training centre provides customers with resources and training in exact accordance with the organisation's basic safety training requirements.

While these training courses are vital, MGL incorporates their expert rope access capabilities in an attractive combination of WGO training courses and nondestructive examination (NDE) services, available for the wind energy providers. Utilization of the GWO certification has since allowed MGL to establish a unique training facility, providing hands-on training in accordance to GWO standards.

MISTRAS Limited's recognition by the GWO will further their ability to accept and partner with major wind energy providers and take on large-scale wind energy projects.

As a member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), MGL has made great strides within the wind energy sector, providing available rope access services for wind energy owners, operators, and manufacturers. In doing so, MGL has worked to support their training programs with focused GWO training courses and rope access use.

Additionally, the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a recognized non-profit organisation comprised of a collective wind turbine owners, operators, and manufacturers. Members of the GWO receive training within facilities in compliance with approved criteria for training.